Everett Winchester is a proud family man. This is very important to him, as everything he does is to make his family, community, and culture grow. Everett’s resume represents the following—

  • Entrepreneur
  • Motivational speaker
  • Subject matter expert
  • Podcast Host
  • Youth Sports coach and youth life coach
  • College recruiting lead
  • Podcast Host
  • Entrepreneur skills lecturer
  • Author/ Writer

Everett is also a strong supporter of the pan-African movement. After working for a major medical company for years in the DMV area, the company was sold two weeks before his wedding. Blessed to keep his job, he encountered blatant racism when he was told he could not continue schooling but notices fellow white co-workers were allowed to start. After almost losing his livelihood, being mentally frustrated, he decided he would never alone depend on just a job. He started learning how to start businesses. Even through ups and downs of being a business owner, He continued to be able to use his business mind to support his family. He believes his experiences/ journey cause him to wake up spiritually. After requesting more knowledge from people in the black conscious community, he started becoming more of a active community servant for the black community. Now with one of his businesses Real Truth and Power he provides powerful information to uplift he black community.

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